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Can you spot the mistake?


Deleted, at user's request.
Can you spot the hidden mistake and how fast did you notice it ,please dont post the answer here so as not to spoil it for others :) It took me about a minute.. :loco:


Deleted, at user's request.
It took me around a minute jc and when you do find it you kick yourself for not finding it sooner lol


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bout a minute for myself aswell, good one :)

now i hope they didnt, no they couldnt of... did they ?


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Excellent moh, it took me a couple of minutes too & yes, I was kicking myself LOL!



Deleted, at user's request.
Nice one all and just so you know, this didn't actually happen in this case,this was a photo shop edit,and to the members that replied on this thread saying they saw the mistake well if you look closely enough you will see the edit :)