Satellite Can't Ftp into my Zgemma h7s


I'm having trouble FTPing into my h7s. I'm using root as the username and have tried all sorts of combinations for the password. Including leaving password blank, root, and I have also tried setting a password in the system settings on the box. None of these work. My h7s is running wooshbuild and openatv 6.4.

I also have a h2s box connected to the same network and I have no problem connecting to it via FTP. I just use root as the username and keep the password blank.

I have tried multiple Ftp apps and also tried reflashing the box. I can connect fine using telnet on port 21. But for some reason my h7s keeps refusing an FTP connection on port 23 because it doesn't like my login details.

Can someone please help?

Many thanks

Abu Baniaz

TK Veteran
ATV 6.4 will not allow FTP without passwords. You have to set a password in the network menu before you can access it or by command line.

Same applies to any images from OE-A 4.4 branch