Channels gone black on 19.2°E


Telekom on 39e

Has anyone else noticed that many of the Dolce/Telekom channels on Hellasat 39e are opening on E2? Though after 5 seconds they usually freeze up.


SuperSport is working on my Euro Line. Breaks up a couple of times in a match, but comes back after 5 seconds or so.

To be honest, I'm a bit disappointed in picture quality of the channel. Decent bitrate, but picture is quite noisy. If you watch the SuperSport BISS feed for Leicester that is live today you will see how much better the picture is.

Best quality match for Premier League seems to be the new Canal+ CZ channels, but theres not English commentary on these.

The BEIN feeds that appear on 3e are the best quality and crowd noise, so a decent option.


One thing I should have said, I compared it to 3 different Sky Sport IPTV sources, and DigitAlb still beat them all.

I also tried both Optus and Peacock on my shield at 108050fps. Even with the 4k upscaling, DigitAlb still came out on top. The legal streams look crisper when zoomed in on a player, but a lot worse for the wide shots.


Prima sport on 0.8w excellent. Commentary via Budweiser app on e2
I had never heard of Budweiser before so had a look... it's brilliant and working great on my AX HD61!

Prima also seems great, but I have signal problems on my 1m dish in Belfast. The rest of 1w is fine, just this package seems week. Will work well on a clearer day though.

Thanks for the recommendations!