Cheap Sky Packages


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These fantastic packages often retail for as much as £75 however for a very limited period you can get this great package for a rescession beating price of just £40.

There are 2 important requirements...

1) You must be a new SKY customer
2) You must have a BT phoneline

For your £40 you will get...

FREE Sky digi box
FREE Sky mini dish
FREE instalation by a Sky engineer

4 months of FREE subscriptions to 4 mixes of your choice

No contract, Pay Once Watch Forever

If you cancel before the end of the 4 months, you will not enter into any payments and can keep all the equipment, esentially FREE SAT with over 200 channels!!!!!!

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ol keep this in mind when the next change comes along, should be here within the next 9 days lol.


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just a thought will i be able to add sly sports to the package and just get charged for tnat.


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il jump that way wen the time comes, get the package thats on offer, then can i add to it.

i wont the cheapest way to get sky sports on legit, is this the way, can i keep the 200 plus channels for free, then order sports and just pay for sport.
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though i cant take advantge of this offer, it is good to see that people in a recession go back to living like i do and insist on getting value for money.
thanks sandie