Cheesy Garlic Potatoes


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Using a large pyrex (or similar) dish with a lid, place a layer of potato slices at the bottom.
Sprinkle some of the Knorr Garlic Cream Sauce on top and some of the grated cheese.
Repeat in layers until all the potatoes are gone and you have finished with a layer of grated cheese.
Pour milk (approx 1/2 pint) or cream if you prefer over the top and put lid on.
Bake in oven for approximately one and a half hours.
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im going to try this and the peri peri chicken over the weekend will let you know the results thank you .
sounds delicious, making me hungry going to try these during the week, will be back to report :)
tried and tested

lovely garic potatoes had them with peri peri chicken i put to much chilli in the chicken it was a bit hot so if your making this watch the amount of chilli you put in all very tasty .
Hi T
Doing a beer can chicken this weekend, going to make your cheesy garlic potatoes to go with it.
I'll let you know how it turns out :)
I'm sure they will be delicious though :)
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I'll put up a recipe for the beer can chicken tonight when I get home.
Trust me it is really good :)
Hi T
The cheesy garlic potatoes we're absolutely delicious, everyone loved them :)
We we're fighting who was going to get the last bit j/k LOL
Guess what i'm making again next weekend LOL
These potatoes sound lovely, i must give them a go.

What happens if you leave them on a bit long - i usually manage to burn things?
If you leave them on an extra half hour thats no problem, the cheese just gets a bit crunchier and the potatoes are a bit drier.

I wouldn't really advise leaving them any longer than that!

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Although if the rest of your food wasn't quite ready you could turn the oven down to a very low heat and leave them there to stay warm.