cloud box will not connect to ftp

joe sando

managed to put openvix onto this box
got all freeview working fine
so goes to ftp the mgconfig files and newcamd files and the box will not connect to the dreambox control center that i use ....
ive just flashed a tchnomate box today for someone else with no issues at all


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In network is FTP enabled ok? IP address changed? Tried Filezilla? Gave everything a good 5 min restart?

Or Install Samba via network and drag drop through 'network' on pc?

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joe sando

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I used dreambox controller as i can not get filezilla to work...ive flashed and ftp plenty of timrs with no issues...will have a look at that samba via network

joe sando

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so ive gone to ftp section on the box
the autostart is enabled
current status stopped
press green button to start the vix logo comes up top left screen and status remains at stopped?
what is it im doing wrong could it be the image?

ive now installed samba set up on box and thats showing up as running so now is there a guide on how to use it lol