clutch adjusting


my clutch isnt adjusting think there might be a part missing from the adjuster on the pedal. is there i diagram that i can have a look at so i can check?


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sounds like you need to replace the clutch ratchet adjustor its located on the back of the clutch pedal. the clutch cable is connected to it. you will need to take off the brake pedal and the clutch pedal they are joined with a shaft which goes through both pedals and the clutch adjustor.. there is a circlip type clip on clutch pedal end plus another just inside the brake pedal end of the shaft. you will need to disengage the brake pedal first by removing the clip holding the pedal down. the shaft should slide out towards the centre of the car. refitting is reverse remember to keep all the spacers in the correct order any probs get back.

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meant to add every owner of a car should in my opinion get a haynes manual,the simplest of jobs can be done via reading this manual rather than running to the nearest garage and in these current times people have to watch the pennies.


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could very well be the ratchiting mechanism on the pedal. what are the symptons? could also be that the clutch is fubart. post back with the symptoms ie. how close to the floor does the clutch engage? how much freeplay is there in the pedal?


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om those ratchet adjuster is there not a kicker that tips the kit to allow it to adjust,slightly bent.if there is no freeplay in pedal i would suspect this
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