Crazy price software


I want Adobe photoshop for private use. It's only to adjust a few photos for my wife's painting hobby, however it's about 200 quid plus just for a year. Any ideas where I can get this cheaper .?


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Thanks for all your replies guys, I’m struggling getting a decent version on torrent. Hence paying for it.
looked at creative cloud and still works out around £240 a year.
Very interesting getting stuff via a vpn . Never thought of that . Cheers guys
Gimp is almost as good, I've been using it a while now but if you want soemthing easier to use try,
cant do as much with it but its really good and easy to use


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You can get access to full Adobe Cloud if you take an online course. You can get an Online courses in Photoshop for £10-20 in total and you can do it at your leisure so just take out the course and take a few years to pass it lol.

Also it's only 80 quid on Amazon?



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Depending on what torrent site your on you can get up to date or close to it Adobe software for free without issues.

Just Read comments also to see if others have had issues with the torrent file.