Create Icons the Easy Way with SimplyIcon


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Create Icons the Easy Way with SimplyIcon

Do you enjoy using custom made icons for your computer system but want a quick and simple way to make them yourself? Now you can with SimplyIcon!

Note: SimplyIcon requires the .NET Framework (version 2.0 or higher).


The is no install required with SimplyIcon.
All that you need to do is unzip the two files (SimplyIcon.exe & FreeImage.dll), place them in a folder location of your choice, and create a shortcut for the program. This is the window that you will see once you start SimplyIcon.


To create custom icons, just drag-and-drop the image into SimplyIcon’s window area. The website states that SimplyIcon can create 128 x 128, 32 x 32, 24 x 24, and 16 x 16 size icons, but in one of our tests it was able to create a 48 x 48 pixels icon.
SimplyIcon creates a single icon (largest size possible depending on original file size) with the same name as the original. It will place the new icon into the folder or location where you have the original image stored.
Note: You will need images that are at least 128 x 128 pixels or larger to create nice “128 x 128” size icons.


Your New Icon Results
Here is our new 128 x 128 pixels icon…


And your new 48 x 48 pixels icon.



SimplyIcon may not be the most elaborate icon making program out there, but it is certainly a nice little program to have around if you are needing to make icons quickly and easily.