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MAX Memory 4GB is a 100% compatible memory card for the Xbox 360 that includes an incredible 4GB of high speed flash memory - that's 64x the size of a standard 360 memory card!

If you don't have a hard drive you're going to need a memory card if you want to use Xbox L!ve, save your progress in games or make use of new content like themes or expansions; MAX Memory is the perfect choice for storing and transporting all this content.

By including a massive 4GB of storage capacity, MAX Memory is a fantastic value alternative to a hard drive. What makes MAX Memory even better value is the fact that it can be expanded using any Micro SD memory card, including SDHC (High Capacity) up to an incredible 16GB. Since Micro SD is one of the best value memory formats available, MAX Memory can be expanded to provide all the save capacity you'll ever need at a minimum cost.

MAX Memory is the only Xbox 360 memory card to offer all of these features:
* 100% compatible with Xbox 360
* Huge 4GB of storage capacity - 64x the size of a standard memory card
* Expandable up to 16GB with snap-in Micro SD cards
* Backup, restore and access files from your PC
* Plug-and-Play

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