dave hd black


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anybody lost Dave HD, alibi HD, Universal HD, Fox HD, TLC HD, Paramount HD ?
all black for me, other HD working fine (movies, bt etc).

glasgow 00002 area.
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the reaper

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This is "possibly" the first test of the black-outs aimed at pirates [just as Sky did]. Most knew that it would happen once VM reached their target issue of the V6 boxes and there are posts on this forum giving a warning from a few months back---but then again it could just be a hiccup and pink pigs may be seen in the night sky.


I'd be inclined to say it's an ABM issue. Haven't updated ABM on my H2 in the living room and all channels work fine there. updated my second box which is also a H2 with a new vix image and ABM and said channels are not clearing on that box. Both boxes use the same server. BTW I'm nowhere near Glasgow. I'm in London 40985


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I've got Dave HD on ch 194 on cable, plays perfect

earlier I deleted all bouquets, updated provider files and rescanned so I suppose this could have had something to do with it.
Not watched Dave for years so no idea if it was there before or not