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Hi everytime I try to delete a timer that I have set to autorecord it keeps coming back I've even tried disabling it from timers but it keeps showing up to record, how do I delete a autotimer permanently without it keep showing up on my timers thanks
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you press green button while watching any channel
your planned recordings will show up,highlight the one you want to delete
press red button, then click on yes
job done!!


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You don't say what you are running.

If OpenATV:

Menu -> Timers -> Auto Timers

Delete what you don't want from there.


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As woosh said if ur on openatv its menu/timers/autotimers. Then highlight the one you want to delete there and press yellow.

But i had the same problem as u as it kept coming back, because theres one extra step i hadnt done. And thats after you delete it, you then have to press green to save changes. It should then delete any planned timers as well permanately

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I'm on vix but when I go to menu/timers/autotimers the program I want deleted is not in there, so when I go to timer overview the programme is in there again ready to's doing me head in? How can it autorecord when I ain't set it to as nothing anywhere to say that grrrrr
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have you checked both locations. Timers > timers, and Timers > autotimers. As you can set a repeat timer in timers not just autotimers.

Also I think once you delete an autotimer, you have to also manually delete the timer it created to.
After you have done that, you shouldn't be getting anymore.

What skin are you using. (I ask that as maybe the timer is there, but not displaying the list on that screen)
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Hi kiddac I'm using your skin and I've tried all the above but the bloody programme keeps showing up on timers on the remote control.


just can try deleting it from the xml files then.

Not 100% sure, but I think its these files



open them, remove the phantom timer, if it exists