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Dell Mini 12 Netbook: Dropped


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Dell Mini 12 Netbook: Dropped

Posted: 11 Aug 2009 06:53 AM PDT

Dell Mini 12 Netbook: Dropped

According to an article on InformationWeek and also Dell’s company blog it seems that Dell are now dropping the Dell Insprison Mini 12 mini-laptops. According to a quote the reason for Dell dropping this link of mini-laptops “It really boils down to this: for a lot of customers, 10-inch displays are the sweet spot for netbooks,”.

Obviously in recent months usage of netbooks has grown and grown, however many people look at netbooks as an accompaniment to owning a laptop, not as a direct replacement. Because of the Mini 12’s size it seems that it sits in between both brackets and doesn’t really deliver on either, it is not portable enough to be a netbook and it is not powerful enough to be a laptop.

To be honest it is a sensible move by Dell as it is better to pull the production of the mini-laptop early rather than keep a stale item in production, however I do feel that perhaps they could have upgraded the hardware within the Mini 12 so it could compete with Lenovo’s IdeaPad S12.