Digi Sport HD 0.8W

Last night I pointed my portable 65cm dish at 0.8W for the first time and managed around 65% signal strength and 75% quality. I managed to pick up all the Digi Sport SD channels but none of the HD ones.

I can tune in:
Digi Sport Romania 1 - 4 SD
Digi Sport Hungary 1 - 3 SD
All of which are DVB-S channels on Thor 5 Europe, Thor 6 K2 Europe and Intelsat 10-02 Spot 3 beams.

It didn't pick up:
Digi Sport Romania 1 - 2 HD
Digi Sport Hungary 1 - 2 HD
Digi Sport Slovakia 1 - 5 HD
All of which are DVB-S2 channels on Thor 6 K2 Europe.

I was able to pick up other DVB-S2 channels on 0.8W but not from Thor 6 K2 Europe. Lyngsat maps suggests a dish size of 60-75cm for my location (a little South-East of Glasgow) for Thor 6 K2 Europe beam.

Is it just that my dish is probably a bit too small to pick up these channels or is there something I'm missing when scanning?


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Probaly just the dish size, I used to have a 90cm dish and it picked up alot, but when I re placed it with a 110 dish. I was able to scan in loads more channels, 0.8 Thor is a great satellite, as is 16e, 19e, thats the main 3 I use along with 28e, 13e is still ok, but it has lost quite a few channels over the last few years, mainly sports.
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Yes, I like 19E and have that on my fixed dish on the roof - got that installed along with Sky when I moved into this house a couple of years ago before I thought about further multi-sat - bit of a rookie mistake. I tried to pick up 16E on the portable dish last night to test what opens for me but from my position on the ground I'm just blocked from picking it up by a line of trees - will take the dish over to my folks and try it there as would be visible from a dish on the roof. 13E works and is OK. Would like to see if I can pick up RAI 4K when it's broadcasting for the Wednesday night CL games they sometimes show.


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Yeah you would need a clear line of sight allright, A friend of mine had major problems last year because of his neighbours trees, ended up having to move his dish to the bottom of his garden, I put my box that I have the multi sat dish connected to into our spare downstairs room last summer, thinking it was a smart move, then my daughter and 2 year old grand daughter moved back in september and they use half the room as their wee den for watching tv and the rest for a toy room for the little miss, so I dont get watching the eurosats much nowadays, just usually on a saturday afternoon for the odd 3pm game, but they are getting their own place in June, so I will get it back then, heh, heh.


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Got my 97cm dish set-up today and the channels that I couldn't get on my 65cm dish were coming through nicely.
When I switched from a 90cm dish to a 110 cm, a few years back, loads of extra channels scanned in, which was good as I had thought they were not available on my sub.