Dinobot 4K+ 2GB DDR4 8GB eMMC Android 7.0 & Enigma2 DVB-S2-C-T2 Dual Boot

Kuul Media

Interesting device, have a couple of questions...

1. Is it possible to access the device remotely?
A: You can access the device remotely on Enigma2. On android it may be possible by using file exployer apps.
2. Will this transcode the signal it receives so the stream can be played remotely?
A: On Enigma2 yes.


Can the Dinobot 4k box be used on the Android platform similar to that of a firestick for adding/sideloading and using APK apps?

How does the cable side of things work tuner wise through enigma 2, how many can this record at once?


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it's got a single cable and a single sat tuner, so you can either watch one cable channel and record a sat channel, or the other way around


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Also it's a android box so you can use apk's