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DJ Hero 'more mainstream' than Guitar Hero, Activision CEO says


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by James Ransom-Wiley { 2 days ago }

DJ Hero might be the cliquish kid sister in Activision's branching "Hero" family, but it belongs to a really big clique, according to CEO Mike Griffith. "It's certainly hitting a more mainstream and expanded audience from Guitar Hero," Griffith said of the spin-off in an interview with As expansive as the Guitar Hero catalog has grown over the years (enough to re-release a disc of "greatest hits"), there's potential for DJ Hero to reach far beyond, literally mixing in, well, anything.

While Griffith has his sights set on some 300 million Hero-less households, developer FreeStyleGames must be a bit more narrow-minded, lest DJ Hero come out as a cacophonous mashup. As mainstream as turntablists have become, they're still spinning for a variety of crowds. There's a difference between a game for everyone and a game with something for everyone. So it's simple then? All DJ Hero has to be is the greatest mixtape of all time.

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