dm 800 original image


Hi can anyone recommend an image for my dm800
I have openatv 4.1 installed which would be ok but it has no support for plugins or softcams
I need something that will work with cable tuner that has autobouquets


ive looked at all the posts in there
ive tried a couple of japhar images but they didn't work
im not sure which ones are for clones as I don't know wot sim mine has


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Wouldn't mind a decent image for my Dreambox 800se hd clone, but I have never came across one that worked, I have an old newnigma image on it, thats pretty old, as is the box, but at the minute I am using it for a motorised sat, basic but it does the job.


Ive had mine about 10 years
I paid a lot of ££ for it then
I used it for big sat dish
I had loads of images and stuff on old pc but hard drive packed up and now ive got nothing thatll work


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You need to know what sim your box is
Also the ssl
Before you can find a image that will work with your box


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Box should work without hdd but if that old image is outdated or non supported like many.As said proper identification to see if its a clone or genuine.


this is only info I have but its definitely original
Product name DM800
Booloader version 84 (2011-09-02)
Flash size 64 MB
Production date 2010-03-27
mID 13
Serial number 130319
MAC address xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Printed serial number A32713010130319
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