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Read The Caption on the first photo ...then look at the second photo

Look at the picture one and you can see where this driver
broke through the guardrail, on the right side of the culvert,
where people are standing on the road, pointing.

The pick-up was traveling about 75 mph, from right to left,
when it crashed through the guardrail.

It flipped end-over-end, bounced off and across the culvert outlet, and landed right-side-up on the left side of the culvert,
facing the opposite direction from which the driver was traveling.

The 22-year-old driver and his 18-year-old passenger
were unhurt, except for minor cuts and bruises.

Just outside Flagstaff , AZ on U.S. Hwy 100.

Now, look at the second picture

If this guy didn't believe in God before,
do you suppose he believes now?


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Seen that before and if they're NOT believers now they are silly!!!!

I believe in God and His Son!!!

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I also believe that things happen for a reason and also believe that our life is mapped out and if its not our time to go as in allys post with those very lucky people then it just wasn't their opinion anyway.


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I got that email a while ago, and yeah, gave me a shiver when I saw the pictures.


I think this is a fake- saw it before. And if you do a search on most of the forward E-mail you get, you will see most of it is fake. I looked up many-and yeah, fake.