Dreams can come true: Spearfishing coming to XBLA


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by Xav de Matos { 1 day ago }

Russian game developer Biart has revealed its upcoming XBLA and PC title focused on the exotic world of spearfishing. The game -- appropriately titled Spearfishing -- pits man versus the vicious killers of the sea (and possibly Aquaman). According to the developer's website, Spearfishing aims to give players an "authentic aquatic hunting experience," when it releases in Q1 2010.

In a world where Fable 2 receives an "Animal-Friendly Game" award from PETA -- forgetting that the game features a slew of ways to be demonic to the animal kingdom -- we can't wait for the animal rights group to crown Spearfishing as its choice title of 2010. Interested in Spearfishing? (The video game, that is.) An impressive-looking trailer awaits your eyeballs after the break.

[Via IGN]

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