Dropped TV, still getting feed.



A few months ago VM put my Broadband/TV/Phone (Freeview channels only) package up yet again to over £55/month 'after loyalty discounts'. Had enough of being ripped off. Realised I never use the phone and the only people who call me were PPI and "I heard you had an accident scammers".

Called several times trying to haggle the price down but they wouldn't budge, said there was no way the price could be lowered further, and if I dropped the TV package (as I didn't get any channels that aren't on Freeview) it would cost me more for just the broadband on its own.

So I cancelled, and signed up for Vodafone broadband at £23/month.

They next day VM called me, asked why I had cancelled, told them, offered me broadband only at £23 fixed for 18 months with a 12 month contract. So better the devil you know, stayed with VM.

Still getting the encrypted TV signal.


Virgin sent the tv channel down the same line as the internet and don't turn them off. Get a linux box and server line and you will get all the channels less the sports :)


Yes I know, but when I was asking a year ago no-one could tell me if having internet only would also get me the TV signal.


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All you need is any internet connection to receive tv on an Enigma2 box via a line, still plenty on VM to make it worthwhile to take out a sub for VM.


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most people on here that use cable CS only have broadband and don't have a tv package