Dual sat error when recording one channel?


So I've got a solo2 dual fees with wooshbuild infinity installed and usually absolutely no problems. Up to date and always worked fine.

This week I've noticed if I have an auto timer recording one sat channel I am unable to watch a second. When I try to change the channel and watch a second I just get the invalid null reference error. I've seen this error in the past but usually when in recording two things at the same time and try to watch a third.

I've checked my auto timers and definitely only one thing set to record and only one tuner recording but I just can't get the second tuner to work?

Can anyone help please? Unsure what to check or do to get it working again?


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Check your sat feeds with signal finder on both tuners as one is not working.I have had that happen also,if removing cables DO IT with powered off.