DVD Recorder with Harddrive....Which one to go for?


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Unsure which forum to post this

I’ve got a dvd recorder with 160Gb harddrive just now and I think the lasers on its way out.
I think nows the opportunity to get an upgrade.
I’m looking for a unit that will play any dvd/cd and has a larger harddrive, also a one with a usb input so I can play divx files etc direct from a flash disk and also have a 5.1 surround sound output.
I’ve got a separate surround sound dvd player now and want to cut down on the boxes under the telly.

Anyone know if this is possible in one device?

If so, anyone have any recommendations?

I’m in the UK, I know a lot of TK’ers are overseas, I’m looking for a UK spec unit.

Thanks guys.