Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires getting US release in June


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By: Jason Dobson

Even in this crazy Kotec world it's refreshing to know the sun still rises in the east, Wheaties is still the breakfast of champions and Koei and the Dynasty Warriors are still best buds. Some things, you see, never change.

The latest in Koei's venerable action strategy franchise, Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires, will arrive on June 23 for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, promising character editing and a return to series' button mashing heroics set in China's good old days. Equally ancient is the game's multiplayer mode, with just two players supported offline and apparently no online mode at all. Still, with its boots stuck in history, it sort of completes the symmetry to have the whole experience cemented in the distant past.

From - http://xbox.joystiq.com/