GrogBuild E2Iplayer and Autotimer


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I am pleased to anounce as of this morning Grogbuild FreeRange includes E2Iplayer (LATEST UPDATED E2IPLAYER IPK ) again instead of E2Istream.

It appears to have more working than E2istream, check the thread linked above to see which are working.

This version of the plugin can be updated from within the plugin and it will (should) not update if you do a software update.

While talking about software updates, which I personally don't recommend, the autotimer plugin will no longer update when you do a software update either. I have done this because with autotimer 4.3.2 errors pop up on the screen if there are recordings at the same time in your autotimers list even if you have enough tuners for them, Grogbuild FreeRange uses an older version (4.3.1) which doesn't have the issue. However when you did a software update this plugin was updated to 4.3.2 which then gave you errors. This should no longer happen

These changes are only for boxes flashed from today onwards.