E2istream issues


I have two issues with e2istream, I've flashed latest 6.3 with woosh, have installed from feeds and also from telnet command but still getting same symptoms. Most links do not work, either it says no links available or it comes up with IFD protocol source. I've just this for along time and I know some apps come and go and links may not be available on all sources but there is clearly an issue. Has anyone noticed this

Another issue is my friend who has a solo2 running same build as me although I have zgemma, well his keyboard is different and he can't delete characters on the virtual keyboard



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The problem with the keyboard Change your
Skin to matrix hd as default The original keyboard should return


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Yes there is a green arrow or i would not say it,Press menu and go onto the e2istream plugin go all the way down to the bottom and press ok and update it


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There's no green arrow till you've ran the initial setup did you uninstall e2iplayer before installing the e2istream