echannelizer - yet more software!


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HI, I guess lack of experience so I'm think learnt the hard way. Now trial is over (didn't get to use it as no boquuets) I don't know how to revert back to my freeview channels. Didn't take image so am I stuck with factory reset and have to re-install whooshbuild and add-ons etc?
Do not do that :unsure: What firmware is on there now ?? openatv ?? i will help you with a couple of pointers


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Freeview or freesat either way did you have bouquets before if so try menu\ setup\ reception\autobouquets maker and do a scan mind you dont know what os your running sounds like openvix when you mention cross epg


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I don't think CrossEPG is installed by default on ViX.
EPG Importer and EPG Refresh are included in the image.

... Just checked, CrossEPG is not installed but available from the feeds if you want it.