Edision os box mini remote!


Hi, is there an alternative remote I can buy for the Edision os box.. the remote is horrible I have to press buttons about 4 times sometimes before it works. Does anyone else have this problem? Can anyone help?


It's poorly made i opened mine up and the sensor was sitting at a weird angle.
I think when the 2 halfs of the remote are put together they shifted the sensor.
I adjusted the sensor then put it back together.It's improved it a bit but still needs to pointed directly at the box.
I had to use a knife to lever it open then you can use a credit card to go round the edges.


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The Edision has OpenViX support, 2 year warranty and built in wifi and bluetooth.
Well worth the extra £20 in my opinion.

Nothing wrong with Zgemmas though.


Willow thanks for that information, do you know who stocks the EDISION mini sat box the company I get zgemma/open box do not
Sell any Edisison models at all