Edision OS Mega


Im looking to buy the Edision OS Mega I just wanted to know what the difference is in the firmwares ?

The options given are Default, OpenVix (Latest Build), OpenPli (Nightly Build) , OpenATV (Nightly Build)

I need Kodi & IPTV running on there .


I would recommend either Vix or ATV.

I am currently running the latest Vix 4.2.30 on my Mega based on a Willo build that can be downloaded from here, (he has a sly HD skin and I prefer a sly q skin :))

I would be happy to upload my version of the build if willo will allow that and all you would need to do is flash that and scan channels, Kodi is already in my build.

Are you using a cable feed too as you will need your local NetID?


If you decide on the Mega its a fab box for money with sat and cab tuners, cant go far wrong with Willo's build from the downloads section on here to get it up and running sweet in no time at all, also take a look at dsayers single bouquet plugin which makes mixes the sat and cab channels replacing the HD where appropriate from the cab tuner