Electric Vehicles - Any Opinions??


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Neighbour has one.

Says cheaper than the ordinary petrol car.

Only downside is constant charge and cant drive long distances only locally as he only uses it for work.


I had a bmw 330e only live 3 miles from work. While at work I could plug it in to charge. Great car but got fed up plugging it in all the time. Not a full electric but good for between 10-15 miles per charge. I now a 520i.


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thats the bit i like cheaper and greener running

from what i have seen and read. they say its comes out at 2/3rds the price to run
thats the bit i like
the uk government should still give money towards a home charge point
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starting to see a few evs in the area now (lisburn ni)
there is a tesla
few leafs
think there is a nero taxi, but it might be hybrid

great to see more and more