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ELVIS! Anniversary 32nd 16-8-09 tribute act


As it was the 32rd anniversary or Elvis's death yesterday I went to see a local guy who is an Elvis Impersonator. Lee Jackson Elvis Seen him about but never knew he was a professional Elvis Look A Like until recently. Hes been on tv gameshows etc and lives a few roads from me and went to same school a George

The guy was Awesome! he is 22 and wow looks so much like him, sounds like him and well yes girls just as sexy ! ive added a photo for you.
Unfortunatly my camera is no good at taking photos in the dark so its not very clear! but hey here goes!



Sure looks like him Linny (y)

How did he sound & what were his movements like?


very good likeness, linny, did he sing or mime?

Gman he sounded just like him and his movements well, when my eyes stopped popping his pelvic thrusts were as good as if not better lol!
ah seriously his movements especially his hands were just how we have seen Elvis I did video on my phone need to try n upload it and find out how to youtube it. But if you want to see him on youtube checkout Lee Jackson Elvis i think there are quite a few on there.
Wheelo he sung, but his guitar string broke at the beginning of the session so he mimed the guitar.

Even when he talks he talks and gets that nervous talk that Elvis sometimes used to have


ok folks i manage to get a youtube vid up so here ya go - let me know what you guys think of his singing ect.
[ame=]YouTube - Lee Jackson Elvis[/ame]


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good stuff linny, just saw this as i was away, yes he is very good. the moves and the singing are very good.