England Dressing Room Intruder In Court


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The football fan who managed to get into the England dressing room after the team's World Cup draw against Algeria has appeared in court charged with trespassing.


Mr Joseph is led away from the court in handcuffs

Pavlos Joseph, 32, was arrested after police analysed CCTV footage and traced him back to his hotel in Camps Bay, Cape Town.

He was remanded on bail until Monday and banned from attending any World Cup matches before a ruling has been made against him.

Meanwhile, Fifa and South African authorities have decided security personnel will now be deployed within stadiums in all host cities to avoid a similar incident taking place.

Sky's David Bowden, reporting from the South African city, said the mortgage adviser's family is with him and they believe he was being made into a scapegoat.

"He [Joseph] has tickets for the game next week and his family intends to go," Bowden said.

"They said the police tried to take the tickets from them this morning, but they refused and they also tried to confiscate their passports.

"It is a very big concern for the family because they don't know what is going on."

Joseph's arrest comes after he spoke to the Sunday Mirror, claiming he had only been searching for a lavatory on Saturday night - but stumbled into the team changing room after their shock 0-0 draw.

He came face-to-face with former England captain David Beckham - and made the most of the impromptu meeting, telling him what millions of fans back home were thinking.

"I said to him: 'David we have spent a lot of money coming out here that was a disgrace and what are you going to do about it?'," Joseph told the newspaper.

"He looked at me surprised and stunned and he didn't know what to do.

"As he was about to say, 'Who are you?' a Fifa official came towards me and asked me that question.

"All the players were looking at each other and myself. I said 'My name's Pavlos, I'm just looking for a toilet'.

"The Fifa official came over to me and introduced himself, I shook his hand and he turned round and walked straight out of the changing room."

The Football Association complained to Fifa but Beckham played down the incident yesterday.

Joseph, a Three Lions diehard from south-east London, said he was waiting to meet his family at the Green Point stadium in Cape Town when he went looking for the loo.

A security guard pointed him in the direction of the changing rooms - a few minutes later he found himself in the same room as the underperforming stars.

"The next thing I knew, there was David Beckham standing in front of me," he told the Mirror.

"He was wearing his grey England three-piece suit, wandering around with his hands in his pockets and looking at the floor.

"I froze and looked round the room. I couldn’t believe where I was.

"I saw Joe Cole walk naked out of the shower a few feet away from me. He glanced at me and then did a massive double take.

"Then David looked at me. His face seemed to drop. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. The room was dead silent.

"The players were sitting on benches with towels round their waists just looking at me. They looked like they were in shock. No one was moving. It was surreal."

England's abject performance was greeted with boos from fans as the team left the pitch prompting Wayne Rooney to rage about their behaviour.

Former skipper John Terry told a press conference he expected frank exchanges at a meeting between the England players and Capello tonight.

Asked about his Chelsea team-mate Nicolas Anelka being sent home by France, Terry joked: "I see Nico was sent home for voicing his opinion and maybe a few of us will be sent home after this evening."

The central defender added: "If we feel something has to change, we owe it to the country and the manager to say it in that meeting tonight.

"If it upsets him or any other player, so what."

England now almost certainly need to win against Slovenia on Wednesday afternoon if they are to stay in the competition.