Epg for sly movies and sports.


Hi all,

I was wondering if somebody can please help me

I have a view solo2 box I'm running a iptv service with a particular seller via username and password and until recently I had ipab running on my box until it stop updating and I was recommended to update to wooshbuild and openatv which I did however even though I get EPG for most channels I do not get EPG at all for Sly Movies and sports

When I was running ipab, it would download over 100000 events for the EPG however now with wooshbuild it only downloads less than 50000 and therefore does not populate the Sly Movies and sport channels apart from one sly movie channel, action or horror, i cant recall which one.

I have ticked epg sources inc rytec xmltv and ezhosting.info but channels within sports and movies apart from one dont populate with epg
Thanks in advance

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ipab used epg fudge setting for their epg for iptv how is your iptv setup on wooshbuild infinity a little more info will go along way is it m3u username and password script are you using any particular app
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Thanks for reply.

Edited as suggested.

I was provided with a username.and password and input these into relevant section of wooshbild.


Hi , I had similar problem and was told to try a different version of jedi if that's what you are using I had version v3 now I have v2.22 and after it all updated I got the EPG on all sly sports Movie , it worked for me not sure it will work for you .


Hi thanks for the reply.

Can i ask if you have a copy of that version for me

And also are you still using that version and any problems with it?


Hi fourteen0407 , I have pmed you
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