EPG issue


Evening, looking for some help.

Just got a Zgemma H9S and it is running EPGimporter which always downloads over 100k events but never populates the IPTV channels just the all channels list.

Is this a common issue and do you have any suggestions to get the IPTV channels to populate?


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Have you ticked your providers epg in epg importer how is your iptv setup which plugin xe/suls/jedi


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You don't use epg importer for xtream editor mate you press yellow to import bouquets then blue to import picons and epg


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Yeah they are ticked and it is Xtream Editor if I have got that right?
If it's downloading the events but not showing them it sounds like something could be corrupted.
Do you mean xtream tv?

Delete the epg and download it again
Setup>epg>load save delete
Delete it then run epgimporter again


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I hate xtream editor and always have. , Your locked into it once its setup and provider locked and costs you for things that are available free. Always spot a reseller by xtream editor as very very few big main providers if any use it.