Ernest Borgnine Has Passed Away at 95


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Actor Ernest Borgnine passed away today in Los Angeles from complications stemming from kidney failure, reports The Associated Press. He was 95 years old.

Borgnine was best known to the television world as the bumbling Lieutenant Commander Quinton McHale in McHale's Navy, a comedy that ran from 1962 to 1966. He also co-starred in the '80s super-copter action show Airwolf (F yeah!) as Dominic Santini and Jonathan Silverman's mid-'90s comedy The Single Guy as the doorman. Borgnine's portfolio was also loaded with guest appearances, including Walker, Texas Ranger, The Simpsons, and ER, the last of which he was nominated for an Emmy Award. He would accumulate three Emmy nominations over the course of his career, but never took home a trophy. In 2011, he was honored by the Screen Actors Guild with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

On the big screen, Borgnine's crowning achievement was as the lead in the 1955 Best Picture-winner Marty. He would win the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role as Marty Piletti, an Italian butcher who finds love with a schoolteacher. More recently, he appeared in the hitmen-out-of-retirement film Red.

Borgnine showed plenty of life (and awesome eyebrows) into his golden years, and was once described by Silverman as the most energetic actor on the set of The Single Guy. During an interview with Fox News in 2008, when he was 91, he was asked what the secret to his longevity was. Thinking his microphone wouldn't pick up his reply, he told the Fox anchor, "I masturbate a lot."



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that was a good old life he had 95 years young,you gave us plenty of memories to remember,you will be sorely missed. r i p.


He brought a lot of people a lot of enjoyment. Loved him in McHale's Navy. He was one of the "Greats" and will be sorely missed.