Evault offers 100GB of free cloud-based backup


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Most small and medium businesses (aka SMBs) have some sort of backup solution in place, but not all have made the move to a cloud-based option—perhaps because of price, and perhaps because of concerns about security.
Seagate's Evault tackles both head-on by offering 100GB of enterprise-grade cloud backup free.
Specifically, that's 10GB of cloud storage for you, the administrator, and 10GB each for up to nine additional users. The backbone is Evault's backup-and-recovery version of its Endpoint Protection service, meaning you won't get all the features of a paid account (like remote wipe and device tracking), but you'll still get business-class protection for your users' data.
Indeed, Evault offers 256-bit military-grade encryption and "Geo-redundant Tier 4 data center hosting." That's about as much piece of mind as I'd need for my files.
To sign up, you simply need to provide some contact information, then wait for access to the Evault admin console to arrive by email. Once you have it, you'll be able to remotely deploy the backup software to your users.
Evault provides transparent, automated backups of mobile data, meaning after everything is configured, your users don't have to mess with anything (unless a recovery need arises). Anyone who's authorized can recover lost files without all the hassles of a help-desk request.
What's more, according to Evault, "employees can also search for, retrieve, and share files via email as well as on smart phones and tablets including Android devices, Apple iPads and iPhones." (Note that the actual backups, however, are limited to laptops and Windows 8 tablets.)
Although not every 10-user business needs the level of protection offered by Evault, the offer looks attractive for smaller shops. When it comes to a centrally managed, enterprise-grade backup system, I don't know of anything else that comes close for the price.

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