Ex-Lovers In NY Human Fireball Horror


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Horrific video footage has showed the moment a woman and her former lover became human fireballs after she allegedly set him alight in New York.


Mr Salazar on fire and the deli owner dousing the ex-lovers

Agnes Bermudez, 50, who was severely disfigured by the blaze, denies killing 32-year-old William Salazar in a jealous rage.

Video of the June 2008 blaze was taken from surveillance cameras at a deli below Mr Salazar’s apartment, where the fire started.

It captures Bermudez tumbling to the ground outside the store and writhing in pain, as the flames scorch her head and body.

Mr Salazar, also engulfed in flames, is seen running wildly into the deli looking for help, before store owner George Zugajewicz pours gallons of water on the pair.


A woman falls to her death (top left) after Bermudez was badly burned (bottom right)

The distraught ex-boyfriend - who eventually died from his injuries - then paces about, before kneeling over the unconscious Bermudez and touching her shoulder.

The shocking footage, showed to jurors at Queens Supreme Court, then becomes even more disturbing.

Bermudez is also charged with killing three of Mr Salazar's neighbours, who perished as the fire spread in the Queens area apartment block.

The deli owner has testified that Flor Sandoval, 48, who lived on the third floor, was hanging from a window, yelling: "Catch me in your arms," as people below urged her to wait for help.

The video shows a firefighter running with a ladder to place it on the wall, out of shot, just before a body thumps onto the pavement.

"All I could hear was the crack of her head on the concrete and then I saw the blood coming out," Mr Zugajewicz testified.

Prosecutors claim Bermudez started the inferno by dousing Mr Salazar with carpet cleaning solution and igniting the flammable liquid.

But her lawyer insists it was the ex-boyfriend, who owned a carpet cleaning business, who set his client on fire.