External hard drive



Looking at Wd elements or seagate expansion external hard drive, which do people think is better?

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Used a seagate expansion 500gb for nearly 2years with no issues mate.
Spins up fast
No problems with recordings/timeshift/ epg


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These days, having an external hard drive is really handy. Portability, of course, is its main advantage. It’s like bringing your whole desktop with you wherever you are. Moreover, not only it can be used as an added capacity and backup, but they are also considered as if your computer’s internal storage fails.

Power interruptions, mechanical failure, accidental formatting, and virus infection are some of the common factors why hard drives fail. And just like any other device (plus given the fact that they get carried and moved around a lot), external hard drives are also prone to crashes and failure. But fret not. If your Mac external hard drive has conked out on you, given the right tool, you can still recover your lost data.

One tried-and-tested program for external hard drive recovery on Mac is this recovery software. This utility deep scans your drive to retrieve data you thought were permanently gone. It is compatible with all models of external hard drives. It can also recover data from an unmounted external drive.