F1 is Ruined?


Does anyone here watch the F1? I did but this season is terrible, the cars look horrible, and all the actually skilled drivers and no where because of the Brawn GP car being let away with breaking the rules and that annoying sh*t Jenson Button is winning everything, i can't stand him. its Like Fulham winning the Premier League. Its just not right.


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lol they were the 1st to work in the rules, shows you hamilton can`t drive a crap car. become a driver for a living drive around the m 25 for a couple of years and then ul no wot a waste of 90 mins is.lol


sorry, but personally i find it brilliantly hillarious that the likes of ferrari and mclaren are getting humped.. new team comes in and does nothing the others couldnt, so hardly cheating.


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I think F1 went seriously downhill after Ayrton Senna died, haven't watched it much the last few years.


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i agree satman its hilarious looking at hamilton finishing outside the points every week,but i think this will be good for the sport might get people watching again


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its just the way it goes every few years someone runs away with it because they get ross brawn to work for them.hes just the best. benneton ferrari and now honda. jenson is a creep and cant drive so is lewis. i won my bet that he would be nowhere this year


I think F1 has been on a steady slope downhill for a few years!

I don't really mind the hole one team dominating thing as it has been like this as far as I can remember...Williams, MacLaren, Ferrari etc.

I do agree thought that Button needs a personality transplant! Reminds me of Nigel Mansel when he's being interviewed. No matter what has happened, it could be the most incredible thing and you just get the same monotone voice!!

Anyway I don't know it this has been posted (I'm only new!!!) but for those who remember Ricardo Patrese!!