F5S not playing ball..?


Evening all.

Haven't used one of these boxes in ages and finding it a challenge to flash some life back into it. Bought it cheap at a local auction for peanuts, got it home and was faced with the dreaded red light and dim '8' suggesting a dodgy flash or as I'm starting to think maybe a hardware issue.

Anyway, tried flashing in Windows 7 with the Kosat package and the pack found at Skybox.cc and every time I get the following 'Set stb memory error' the process goes no further. Also tried on XP and although the correct com port is selected it just hangs and not sign of the 'done' message.

Is it a bin job or worth persevering?


the reaper

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You cannot reflash a dead box, especially using a "serial" cable-----read/research and get the facts first.