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Find a Forgotten Password Saved in Firefox


Deleted, at user's request.
Firefox, like many popular browsers, includes a built-in functionality to save your password. Often we’ll use the saved password feature so often that we’ve completely forgotten our password when we need to login to the same website on another computer. Here’s how to locate your saved password.

In Firefox, navigate to the Tools \ Options menu item. Select the Privacy tab or security tab/in windows 7 its the security tab so check out both if you are on xp,vista or window 7. Press the Passwords tab, and then click on View Saved Passwords. You’ll be presented with this screen:

Click the Show Passwords button, and navigate down to the website password you are looking for...:)


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good stuff moh, with a memory like mine, it is good to know that they are stored somewhere.


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Thanks ally Gman would be proud of me LOL

Yes he would moh :)

You've been doing your homework and posting some very useful information recently. It's great to see your interest and enthusiasm growing.

Your willingness to share all this new found information is even more commendable.

Your efforts & those of other members here are what makes Techkings so appealing to everyone.

Well done you, and keep them coming (y)