Fishy or What????


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To all you Very knowledgable footy fans ..
do you reckon there was anything fishy last night in the Georgia V Italy match??
Italy couldn`t score even if they had Katy Price turning out for them!
Then up pops The Georgia captain Kaladze to score not one BUT two own goals! ( two crackers too!")
Would the fact that georgia have no chance of qualifying and that Kaladze plies hie trade in serie a with AC Milan have anything to do with it??
saw the highlights last night and couldn`t believe my eyes!
Even the ould RTE panel had Quizzical looks on their faces (either that or dunphy was drunk again.)

[ame=]YouTube - Georgia 0-2 Italy Highlights HD[/ame]

What do you guys think??


Seen that mate and in my mind it's an absolute disgrace,can't believe it hasn't got a mention today.Cheataly will get away with this being world champion's in all,fifa wouldn't have the bottle to launch an investigation.
Also did you see the look of disbelieve on tony o'donoghue's face after the game,when he was interviewing Trapatonni and talking about the georgia game?:madsware:


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Yeah it was priceless!..................Roll on the 10th of October.....Have me tickets......!!:happy::happy: