foocking council


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cheecky bastads left a note on my car today saying they had difficulty gaining access to empty the bins, cooonnttss forgot to give me the number to the prat i now have to talk to as they have scratched the whole side of the car put a dent in the passangers door, the car is parked of road in a communal space. theres hell to pay wankers.:hop mad:


Dont get me started on them, if my bin lid is 2mm open they slap a sticker on there saying it's too full for them to empty, but it's ok for them to not turn up for 3 weeks on the trott with no explaination! Not having too much luck with your car at the moment by the sounds of your other post dude?


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Jeez Dee, have you p1ssed the car God off? in other areas they dont even try to access your bins, but yours (dilligent twits that they are) manage to bash your car and scratch it. hope you get a nice settlement off them


oh Dee you are having a bad time!! wrong thing to say - so ill apologise now lol! But sometimes i do wish they did that down this way - damage cars when its bin day - just to stop people parking over my drive - might make them park in the local town car park rather than walk the 10-15 min walk to work from my road.
But if your car was parked in a communal bay and NOT in an area it shouldnt have been then yup get them to pay for the damage as you were parked legally! Make sure you take piccies of where your car was and any damage, send them to your insurance and keep a copy as backup to also send to council.

good luck mate!