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Try this
A fresh Lasagne
Get 1 pound of lean mince ,2 tins of tomatoes .tomatoe puree ,garlic ,1 onion ,mushrooms, 1 knorr chicken stock and some fresh herds ie parsley and thyme (optional)
Fry of the mince ,onion and mushroom in a pan and drain of excess oil
transfer to a big pot and add in the two tins of tomatoes half the tube of tomatoe puree and the crushed garlic and 1 chicken stock but dont add salt as the stock is salty enough
then stir all together and place on your cooker and reduce it down (it wont take that long) but dont leave it alone or it will stick to your pot when it has reduce to a solid mix take of the heat and leave while you cheat (I mean sort the lasagne sheets)A little tip get a big tray and put your lasagne sheets into it and pour boiling water on it but add a little oil to stop it sticking together .While it is softening you can make the white sauce if this sounds scary ill give the quick version get a knorr 1 pint and half pint packet of sauce and empty into a pot pour in about a cup of milk and mix together then turn on the heat its important to keeping stiring all the time and add more milk a little at a time untill you get the consistency you like then add in a little white wine and 1 more chicken stock cube. By now your lasagne sheets will be soft.To layer up pick your oven proof dish and layer the sheets down add the mince mixture and a layer of sauce continue this pattern until your dish is full but end up with a top layer of lasagne sheet and cover it with the white sauce then grate some of your favourite cheese over it.
This dish is ready to be just heated up in the oven when you need it or put in the freezer once it cools
preheated Oven temp should be 160 or gas mark 3/4 depending on the heat of your oven for about 15 mins can cover with tin foil untill 5 mins before taken it out of the oven. If frozen deforst first. Hope you try and enjoy
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