formuler f1

lee benson

hi guys so iv bought my self a formuler f1 so looking for some advice guys
ok on openatv site there is formuler f1 image/and/formuler f1 trancoding image what one should i use ? and whats the differace.
1 more thing dose kodi run on this box.
thks guys any help be great thks in advance


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No, No, No......don't run Kodi on a sat box, get a seperate Android box for that, it's a much better experience.

Even a cheap FireStick will run Kodi better than a sat box.


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Neither, buy an Android box. Unless you want Sat/Cable of course. In that case, Vix.


Hi I have tried all the Kodi's out and they are painfully SLOW, its because the F1, does not have enough free Memory when Operating System is Installed, the Guys are correct, get your self a Dedicated Android Box/Player
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