Looking to see what would be recommended FORMULER Z7+4K or FORMULER Z8 4K or maybe the new ZGEMMA i55 4K

Thanks All
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I went from a Zgemma 2S to the Formuler Z7+ but wasn't keen on the set up and feel of it to be honest while it is a competent mag style device for IPTV the Android side of it was seriously lacking. The Android firmware used is designed for smart phones and tablets not the dedicated Android TV firmware the box should be using making some apps very difficult to navigate even using the cursor function on the remote provides a frustrating experience apps such as Netflix at the time I had mine did not provide 4K support other TV catchup apps iplayer, itvhub etc where awful to use as they are intended for touch screen devices. I ended up going back to a Zgemma H9S and couldn't be happier and in my opinion nothing quite beats a enigma 2 box for the premium look and feel. When the firmware issues where bought to the attention of the forum sponsor and asked if the Z8 would get the TV firmware that was answered with a no so seems pretty redundant buying a Formuler just for the myTVonline app as the rest of the apps and features you will not use out of sheer frustration :rage:
If it is 4K and Android you want go with a 4K Firestick they are fully competent for IPTV using XCIPTV, Smarters or STBemu and the other apps are designed for it oh and the most import thing is it's half the price, if you decide to go with enigma 2 take a look at Zgemma's when set up correctly they can run IPTV, cable, sat or a combination of them all no problem.


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From my experience all our customers using z7+ or z8 are fully satisfied.
Those who are used to mag boxes decided to go for the stbemu pro downloaded from the Formuler market place.
So presently no major complaints