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Free copy of Windows 7?


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Fancy a free copy of Windows 7 Professional and you live in America? Then all you have to do is attend a free event that Microsoft is sponsoring.

Yes, just attend for a few hours and you will walk away with a free copy of Windows 7! The events run between Sep 28th and Nov4th, so if you’re lucky you will be able to get an official copy of Windows 7 before the Official Oct 22nd release date.

The event might actually be interesting and covers the following topics:

* Windows 7
o See how Windows 7 can help you reduce management costs and raise productivity as part of the Windows Optimized Desktop
o Manage Risks through enhanced security and control
o See new deployment tools with enhanced data protection, better control, automation and advanced image management
* Windows Server 2008 R2
o Dynamically provision and manage virtual workloads with Live Migration and System Center
o Reduce energy costs with improved power management and policies for servers and clients
o Improve productivity and lower costs for branch office and remote workers together with Windows 7
* Exchange Server 2010
o Simplify administration and deployment of your messaging platform
o Lower IT costs with new archiving capabilities that combine advanced multi-mailbox search, granular retention polices, and more
o Extend access to your messaging platform with mobility, voicemail, and the Internet

More information is available here: How To Get A Free Copy Of Windows 7 Professional | Windows 7 News


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After looking further into it, registration for the Chicago event is already closed. Apparently, i'm a little late in discovering this. :(