free dvd/games library!


ive got a free programme called its a video library
Its agreat site for documenting all your dvd games music etc. ifwe are not sure if we have it i jsut look in the library to see. you have a choice either input bar code or scan using your webcam. personally i prefer to type in the barcode
quotes taken from the site

Libra is a library software to organize your stuff: Audio CDs, Movies, Books & Games (for a start). And it does so beautifully, and at an amazing price ($0 for non-commercial use).
Features of Libra 0.9.2 :

- Turn your webcam into a barcode scanner
Hook up your webcam, and Libra turns it instantly into a barcode scanner. Point your webcam towards the barcode (in any orientation) on the back of your books, DVD's or CD's and Libra will auto-retrieve the product information automatically, and add it to your library. You can use a normal barcode scanner (including CueCats) too.
- Lightning speed database
Based on a real SQL database engine, Libra enables you to browse, sort or search through your items in lightning speed. You can do sophisticated queries too, like "show me all the books & DVD's tagged with 'fiction' and 'kid's stuff' that are not on loan" (that's a mouthful, isn't it? :) ).
- Track who borrowed your stuff
Keep track of what your friends borrowed from you, and never lose a single item again. Libra helps you keep detailed record of each loan and reminds you when it's due.
- Print beautiful catalogs
Once you have built your library collection, print out beautiful pages of your collection to create a catalog. The catalog will serve as a master index of all your items, so that you can track & find your items easily.
- Share your collection online
Export your library to web pages, and upload them to your web host to share with friends & family. Your friends can now browse through your entire collection, and know if you have a title that they need.
- Attention to detail.
We spent a great deal of effort in making things look pretty, and if you're running on Windows Vista (not absolutely required), you're in for a eye candy treat. From reflection on book shelves to glowing text on glass windows, we're pushing the limits of beauty on Windows, allowing you to show off your collection with great pride.
- Import existing collection
Libra comes with import plugins for a number of popular applications, including Microsoft Excel. If you already store your existing data in one of these applications, you can easily import your collection into Libra without re-entering all items. For applications that are not supported currently, keep a lookout in our development forum to see if anyone has implemented the required plugin.
- Extensible & Flexible
We designed Libra to be a platform for all collectibles. As it is, Libra can already support books, video, music & games, but new item types can be added via XML files with Javascript. The import/export API are also made public to the hAxOrZ development community, so that your collection can be imported/exported freely from/to other applications.

Changes in Libra 0.9.2 :

- The main change in this update is in the "My Info" panel, following feedbacks from the forum. In particular, it now behaves like the "Details" panel, in which you can edit multiple items' "My Info" together. This allows you to easily add custom fields to multiple items with a single edit. When items with different "My Info" fields are selected, their common fields are shown.
- The changes in "My Info" require all custom fields to have unique names. If you've created custom fields with duplicate names using previous version, the field names will be adjusted automatically when you load up the Database with this version.
- Other enhancement in this version:
1. "Delete" button added to the right panel, so that you can remove items from the library. Previously, you have to hit the DELETE key on your keyboard to do so.
2. The search reset button in the main library panel now refreshes the library with the last chosen state. This offers a way to exit the search mode elegantly.


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I will check this out, as I am looking for something I can put my collection of dvd's on. I used to use dvdspot, till they changed their format and gave up the dvd storage.


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i did try one that a friend gave me - cant remember what it was but after 30 days you had to pay for it then someone found this for FREE.................. makes all the difference, not as good as the Paid one but hey does the same job! and i can get to it from any pc in the house


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Dvdspot gave you your own homepage and you could add all your movies and even link them to imdb for reference. Their wishlist was great along with settings to let others know if you're planning a movie night. Before they closed, I was able to download the several hundred movies I had on their database and store them in a zip file....till you gave us libra.

Thanks again :rock on:


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Ray you wanting an online database to store them or simply a program to catalogue? I use Ant Movie Catalogue to keep records of mine. It works pretty well for me. You can just enter the movie name and then tell it to search online to find and download teh details. It stores everything on your computer only.


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I was looking for something like a combo, where I could post a link to let a few friends know what I have, instead of printing a list and having them call or text me asking what a certain movie is about. I d/l Ant and another's on my desktop and I'm on my mobile now.

One of these years, I really need to start going thru all the progams I d/l and haven't used yet.