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Free ice Cream !!!


Professional Incompetant
July 6, 2009

Facebook users - Free Pint of Starbucks Ice Cream to First 833 People Each Hour
"Surprise a friend with a coupon for a complimentary pint of new Starbucks Ice Cream. Up to 20,000 free coupons for pints of new Starbucks Ice Cream will be shared every day through July 19, quantities are limited to just over 800 pints per hour." FACEBOOK
  1. Log into your Facebook account
  2. Add the Starbucks Ice Cream App to account and click "Share now"
  3. Fill out coupon form with friend's mailing address (or your own)
Only the first 833 people per hour to request the coupon will receive a Free Pint coupon. All others will receive a $1 off coupon. MUST be logged into account and at least 18 years old to