Free Sky / Virgin Media / BT Vision


"Free" that's how all Television Broadcasting should be now or it faces a slow death competing with the streaming online services.

I believe all broadcasting could easily survive this way as they make enough money from ads / commercial breaks / show sponsors.

The time to stop charging for subscriptions is now and this will save all broadcasting be it through TV/Sat/Cable - more people will tune in and commercial revenue will go up.

If they want to charge a subscription still then that should only be for the same service broadcasts as the free one but commercial break / Ad free.

Thoughts on this TK I'm just curious?


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I've wondered why Sky etc don't drop their full package prices down to something like a fiver a week. You'd think virtually every house in the UK would subscribe at that price, then increased viewing numbers surely increase advertising revenue.


Not only will subscription tv continue it will increase across the spectrum of tv entertainment and in the UK we will pay more than most people do in other countries for an equivalent product. This is for a variety of reasons not least of which being the authorities in the UK are very much in the pocket of sly, TB, and the rest + the FA. Ever think why in Spain, Turkey and many other countries every bar have all the sports via iptv, its because the authorities don't treat it as a priority. A pub in this country with iptv is just waiting to lose its licence. Big business controls us in the UK.
absolutely agree with all your way around things at the moment (since the demise of my zgemma on cable)is since now tv have introduced boost is to share same account between two other buying now tv passes from various places etc,its averaging out to about a tenner a month each which is better than sky and virgin which charges much higher than this each......iptv then for everything else


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I think it all boils down to greed.

IPTV and other online streams must be costing the industry millions in loses.

We've reached a point where the average household will struggle to sub to most Sky / BT / VM services.

Watching the likes of Premiership football live has now become something most only see as a Luxury which needs to be questioned on if it can be affordable or not. A spectator sport that should be for all to see and enjoy has now become a service only those with deep pockets can purchase and enjoy. Football is no longer a game it's a product for sale, a business all part of the bent FIFA corporation.

Clubs no longer care if they are top of the league so long as the business is turning a profit.

Sky created this problem.
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