Freesat Skin - EPG Timeline Text issue


Does anyone have any ideas how to fix the problem detailed in this post?

Freesat Skin

I've just done a fresh install over the top of OpenATV 6.3 of Wooshbuild infinity (Which wasn't as smooth as it's been in the past, but meh) and i cannot for the life of me fix this timeline text issue... It's the same whether it's in text or graphics mode.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, it seems Chabbs hasn't been on the forum since December :(


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I made a skin_user override file if you want to try it.
Just extract and copy to /etc/enigma2/ and restart GUI.

I had converted the skin to 1080 but I don't think it will make a difference.
It should sort out the timeline issue and put scrolling text in the epg description info.



Hey, i put the file in /etc/enigma2 and restarted the gui but it's not worked unfortunately... any ideas?

Edit : Should the filename not be "skin_user_WB Freesat.xml" ? that's the folder name for the skin in /share/enigma2

Edit 2: Changing the name worked, however i lose all the background images and literally just have an epg on the screen and the preview window..
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